Investment List


Have a closet full of clothes but always seem to have nothing to wear?! Let's create looks with your own clothes! Session includes providing ways to style items you already own in your closet, pictures of outfits will be taken and provided to client for future reference. This is a 60-minute session.


Tired of the same old look? New job on the horizon? Just had a baby or loss a few pounds and having difficulty dressing your new body? Need some looks for a photo shoot? Or does shopping just cause you to break out in hives?! Get styled and let me shop for you. This is a 3- hour session.

Package 3: ROCK A Closet Cleanse

The average person only wears about 20-40% of their wardrobe. Let's go through pieces of clothing in your closet and decide what to (1) keep, (2) donate, and (3) get rid of! I'll re-organize your closet for easier outfit selection and clothing that no longer serves you will be dropped off at a donation center, if you'd like. This 2-hour session. 


This package provides guidance on ways to create a signature style that is all your own which will boost your confidence and help you feel ready for every occasion! Package includes: (1) 90-minute closet cleanse/inventory, (2) personal shopping (3) try on session (4) style notes containing tips for you to refer back to at any time. Also includes, 60 days (from the completion of your appointment) of "Ask I Shop U Rock"! Have a quick styling question? Send me an email or text and I will assist you. This session IS 6 -hours and can be broken down into two to three sessions. 

Package 5: ROCK "YOUR VISION" PHOTO SHOOT/Event Styling

Finding the perfect look for a professional photoshoot can be overwhelming. Maybe you just don't have time to look for the perfect look or you're just not sure what to wear. It requires planning to execute your vision. Let me help! What's included: a 15-minute client consultation, style/outfit forecasting, discussion of theme/color/location/direction for the shoot, outfit scouting, and a try-on session. to ensure garments fit properly. This all-inclusive session is an investment of:

Short turn around booking with less than 14 days' notice will be charged additional fees, as well as on-site styling options (available upon request).

*Virtual Services also available upon request*

*Prices are subject to change*


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking any services. Once the non-refundable deposit is made, the client has 30 days from the date of the initial consultation to book a styling service appointment. If the service(s), is not booked, the client will forfeit the deposit. All in-person service fees must be paid in full by the conclusion of the session.  "On-site" photo shoot personal styling assistance is available for an additional fee. 

For virtual services, client must provide the entire payment prior to receiving any service(s). 

Payments can be made through: Square, PayPay (, Cashier's check, Money order or cash. PLEASE NOTE A 6% professing fee will be applied to all invoices.

All clothing items purchased will be the responsibility of the client and must be paid in full at the end of each try-on session. 

Referral incentive: 

Know a friend or family member who could benefit from my services? A 10% discount will be given to clients who refer a client once a service is "booked". Booked service requires at least a 50% deposit.  This discount will be applied to future services of $100 or more.